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GardHouse connects small businesses and non-profit organizations in the Charlotet Metro Area with college students to complete a 16-week internship. Becoming an internship site unlocks endless opportunities to both grow your enterprise and engage with young talent.

Making it work


  • Internship Contract: Abide by the terms detailed in the agreement to ensure a successful internship experience.
  • Complete Evaluations: To provide you with the best quality of service, it’s essential to the GardHouse team that you share feedback when solicited.
  • Attend Check-ins: A GardHouse team member will meet with you bi-weekly for a 30-minute conversation regarding any updates.


April 1: GardHouse begins rolling admissions for internship site applications

  • Site Visit (if applicable): GardHouse will conduct site visits based upon submitted applications. During the site visit, GardHouse will be looking for: work location and safety, supervisor information, and on-boarding requirements.
  • Intern Pre-Screen: Once approved as an internship site, GardHouse will pre-screen candidates for the following things: basic requirements, soft skills, overall desire for role and advancement.

Sep 9: All internship site placements are confirmed

October 3: 16-week internship begins

December 9: Mid-year evaluations conducted

December 19- January 20: WINTER BREAK

January 23: 16-week internship resumes

April 7: All internships completed

April 15: Internship Presentation & Award Ceremony

How many interns can be placed at my site?
GardHouse typically provides one intern per internship site.
How long until I get an intern?

The average time from application submission to final interviews is one month. 


I don't have a physical office location, can I still have an intern?


Do I have to pay for my intern?

GardHouse requires payment of $9,600 per intern for internship sites that have a previous year’s revenue of $500,000 or more. You will be asked to submit your tax filing to verify revenue.

How many hours per week are interns expected to work?

15 hours per week

Can interns work weekends?

You and your intern are to discuss the best schedule for completing the internship. GardHouse requires that the student has been provided 15 hours of work each week.

What if my intern can't complete their internship?
GardHouse does its best to connect internship sites with candidates that are committed to completing the full 16-week internship. In the event a student cannot complete their internship, GardHouse will find an alternative student to provide operational support. 
What additional development do interns require?

Throughout the 16-week internship, GardHouse provides career readiness development to students through our 1:1 coaching model. As an internship site, you are not expected to provide additional development outside of the agreed-upon learning objectives.

Growing Together


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