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Since 2019

Developing College Students of Color for Employment

Our History

GardHouse was established after learning that students of color have been graduating from college twice as likely to be unemployed for the last 51 years.  We began our work to dismantle barriers in Charlotte due to it’s upward economic mobility ranking of 50 out of 50; meaning those born into poverty lack opportunities to advance.

At the time of GardHouse’s inception, there were no work-based programs that primarily focused solely on college students of color by leveraging minority-owned businesses or minority-led organizations to serve as the training hub for talent. 



Community Partners

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To increase post-graduate employment opportunities amongst college students of color by maximizing work-based programming.



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Jonathan Gardner

Founder/Executive Director

e. jonathan@gardhouse.org

Devon Henderson

Resource Development Manager

e. devon@gardhouse.org

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Charles King

Student Impact Manager

e. charles@gardhouse.org

Working with the GardHouse team provides our partners an opportunity to pioneer their own journeys of service for communities of color and those most in need.

These partnerships ultimately create a lasting impact for those communities and leave indelible impressions/ footprints on the world at large.

-Charles King

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Kathy Gibson

Operations Manager

e. hello@gardhouse.org

Dominique Prescott

Brand Manager




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Marq B.

From being a student that benefited from GardHouse’s resources to becoming a GardHouse resource, I’m honored to serve my community!

-Shakoya Brown

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Phebe O.

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Tiffany W.

Arlethia H.

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Shakoya B.

Address: 809 W Hill St. Suite C-159 Charlotte, NC, 28208

Phone: (980) 267-0878

General Inquiries: hello@gardhouse.org

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